Matthias Zahn

Contact details

email:    Dr.MaZahn ät
phone:   0049-1522-1792696
business network: Xing, LinkedIn


(Jan 2018) I have started working in a new position in the industry. As a data scientist I am now optimising the machines in industrial production, 'machine learning' in the truest sense of the word. I will be happy to reply to questions on my previous academic research, but I will be available for further projects only in very exceptional cases.

Previous scientific interests in academia:

In my academic research I analysed terabytes of digital data to investigate changing statistics of different properties of the Earth system, i.e. of storm systems or of the hydrological cycle. Therefore I used spatial filtering techniques and multivariate statistical methods.
Spare time:

In my spare time I enjoyed taking part in data science competitions on kaggle, where I can apply my algorithms to non-academic problems.