Matthias Zahn


Nature Letter

My work published jointly with Hans von Storch on 16 Sep 2010 on "Decreased frequency of North Atlantic polar lows associated with future climate warming" has been taken up by a number of informational services, e.g.:

New Post

On 1st of March I started my new position as the PREPARE Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Reading.


I defended my PhD thesis "Entwicklung einer Klimatologie nordatlantischer Polar Lows", Wednesday, 29th of April at the University of Hamburg.

Press release

Together with Dr.Torsten Fischer I recently (25/11/08) sent out a press release about the results of my PhD work, which was considered to be interesting by a number of informational services, e.g.:

Field Campaign on Polar Lows

In March 2008 I was so lucky to be able to visit the IPY-Thorpex field campaign at Andenes, Lofoten, North Norway.

Extrop Winter School on Polar Lows

On the behalf of EXTROP, I organized the Extrop Winter School on Polar Lows held at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen, Norway, 9 and 10 January 2008. I was greatly supported by Erik Kolstad, Tordis Lerøen and Stephan Bakan. The school was aiming at communicating scientific topics of Polar Low research to the Extrop PhD-students as well as to the further attendees. The school's schedule can be found here.